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▼ Concept

In Japan today, there are many people who have difficulty living.
Disability, illness, nationality... There is a reality that being "different" becomes a handicap.
It was the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake that made this clear.
Minorities are pushed further and further into a corner when society becomes uneasy.
Such an immature society is uneasy.
“I want to live in a society where no one is excluded or excluded, no matter what the circumstances.”
“Get in touch” activities started with this thought in mind.

Instead of making “differences” handicap,
A society that enjoys “differences” that can be used as an advantage as a characteristic is good.
We can surely create a “Mazekoze” society where everyone can live more naturally, more comfortably, and more freely.
At Get in touch, we use art, music, video, and stage to create a fun and comfortable space.
We are doing activities to promote the comfort of Mazekoze.

Music and art transcend various differences and connect us.
A dream you dream alone may be just a delusion, but a dream you dream together becomes a reality.
I am active while chanting this word like a spell.
Please take action to make it a reality together.


General Incorporated Association Get in touch Chairman / Chizuru Azuma






▼ General Incorporated Association Get in touch


Chairman Chizuru Azuma
Directors Mio Ozaki Tsutomu Asano Kiyoshi Tomohiro Masanori Ido Hiroaki Nakatsugawa Takao Yanagi Yuji Mitsuya Satoshi Miyamoto
Yukio Morimoto
Auditor Tadashi Imai


<Purpose of activity>
Through various creative and expression activities, our corporation aims to realize a symbiotic society where everyone can make the most of their individuality and create a rich life. This corporation shall carry out the following businesses in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

(1) Support for creative and expressive activities of people with disabilities and those who have difficulty living
(2) Planning and holding of exhibitions of art works, etc. and sales of art works, etc.
(3) Business such as commercialization of art works and store development
(4) Music publishing business and business related to these promotion
(5) Book publishing business and business related to these promotion
(6) Receipt, calculation and distribution of royalties and related rights royalties
(7) Cooperation with domestic and foreign copyright-related organizations
(8) Planning and holding educational events such as concerts
(9) Awareness-raising activities aimed at realizing an inclusive society in collaboration with companies, organizations, individuals, etc.
(10) Promoting networking of companies, organizations, individuals, etc. aiming for an inclusive society
(11) Other business necessary to develop the purpose of this corporation

<Establishment year>

year 2012


532 Akasaka Residence, 9-1-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052


▼ Activity introduction video
▼ Latest video (Warm Green Day 2022)
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