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Get in touch, "Aiming for a mazekoze society" through expressive activities such as art and music, formed the "Heisei Mazekoze Ichiza" in 2017 to create a new place of expression. Minority performers, such as wheelchair dancers, blind singer-songwriters, drag queens, and other professional artists, performed a one-night-only stage called "Moonlight Karakuri House." .

The unique, mysterious, and slightly underground stage performed by a cast with diverse personalities has been very well received, with comments such as "I've never seen anything like this before!" and "I want to see more!" There were many requests for a repeat performance, such as "I want you to perform it again" and "I want my friends to see it."

In response to such expectations, in March 2021, with the cooperation of Shibuya Ward, we were able to perform again as the 10th anniversary performance of Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, "Moonlight Karakuri House Shibuya Volume".

However, due to the corona vortex, the number of seats was reduced to prevent the spread of infection, and tickets were sold out in 20 minutes after the start of sales. It seems that there were many people who said, "I was looking forward to the repeat performance, but I couldn't buy a ticket" or "I couldn't go to the venue."

So, in response to everyone's requests, we decided to publish the video of the day of the performance! Please enjoy the colorful and fantastic world of Ayakashi.

◎ Organizer: Shibuya Ward (10th anniversary performance at Shibuya Ward Cultural Center Owada)

◎ Planning and production: (one company) Get in touch 

◎ Title: Mazekoze Ichiza Karakuri House in the Moonlit Night Shibuya Volume

◎ Performance date and time: March 22, 2021 (Sun) Shibuya Ward Cultural Center Owada 6th Floor Tradition Hall

*This performance was held with sufficient measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

​ ☆ Click here for cast list

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