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Are you familiar with the term “cerebral palsy”?

So what if someone asks you, "Can you explain cerebral palsy?"

We, Get in touch, celebrate "World Cerebral Palsy Day"

Activities under the name of "Warm Green Day"

I noticed when I started.

"Maybe we don't know too much about cerebral palsy?"

Then search the net, listen to the person concerned,

Received lectures and went back and forth every day.

The more I know, the more I want to know,

I want to share this feeling! I came to think so.

We are ten different people. It's all strangers.

That is why there is joy in knowing and understanding each other.

Now, please hit your "I want to know!"

On October 6th, let's get green and connect!  

Difficulty in speaking, inability to walk and move freely, intellectual delay. There are many different symptoms and characteristics of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy support communities around the world have designated October 6 as World Cerebral Palsy Day, calling for the realization of a society that accepts diversity. The symbol color for World Cerebral Palsy Day is green.


Introducing WGD Action


It's hard to live!

The concept is "Let's all get confused". Moderated by Chizuru Higashi, this is a participatory workshop in which the speakers presenting their difficulties in life and the audience think together. This time, a special project to listen to the real voices of people with cerebral palsy. It will be held pleasantly with mixed guests. *Details of the event will be distributed at a later date.


Date: Thursday, October 6th, World Cerebral Palsy Day

Location: dōTERRA Japan Building B1 Hall

Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)


Go green with photo scrunchie and SNS!

Shoot a photo taken with your smartphone and it will fly to the WGD gallery in real time. Wear something green and post!

Click here for how to participate

① Read the QR code or link  ② Take a photo or choose a photo    ③ Quickly post (*WGD Gallery opens from 9:00 on October 6)

On October 6th, after the "Ikidurasada yo! All members gathering", a free live talk will be streamed on the YouTube Get channel! The light-up photo will fly to the venue screen as a photo scrunchie! You can also fly your own photos.

We also conduct PR activities on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Wear something green or post green items on SNS!

*I would appreciate it if you could add a hashtag.

#WGD106  #Cerebral Palsy #World Cerebral Palsy Day

#worldcpday  #Mazekoze  #getintouch


Put it on the song of GET THE GLORY!
Stream a promotional video!

Artists with cerebral palsy, athletes, and performers will appear, and artwork will be developed by a mix of artists, with or without disabilities. ROGUE's Atsushi Okuno will sing the famous song "GET THE GLORY!"


I want Japan to know about World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6th!
I am challenging crowdfunding.

"World Cerebral Palsy Day" has green as its symbol color. Therefore, Get in touch has named "World Cerebral Palsy Day" as a warm green day "Warm Green Day (WGD)". Start by knowing if you have difficulty. We appreciate your support and encouragement.


WGD2022 Sponsors / Sponsors / Collaborating Business Organizations


KOWA Co., Ltd.

Flying Penguin Co., Ltd.

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Sun House Social Welfare Corporation
Japan Autism Association

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Dialogue Japan Society
Child Literacy Association
NPO Acceptances
NPO Karugamo CP Kids
NPO Third Place
NPO Tokyo Autism Association
Japan Down Syndrome Association
Association of parents considering maternity medical care compensation system
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel
Tokyo Diversity Lions Club
Nami-nications ~Surfer's Care Community~
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