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To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Donated thousands of masks to facilities for the disabled in and around Tokyo.

Get in touch (Representative: Chizuru Higashi), a general incorporated association aiming for a “Mazekoze society” that does not exclude anyone, and Satsuki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, President: Ichiro Sobue)” will donate thousands of masks from mid-April to facilities for the disabled in and around Tokyo that are connected to Get in touch.  

This mask donation was made in response to a request from a Chinese company that is a business partner of Satsuki Co., Ltd. to hand over thousands of masks purchased by themselves due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus in Japan. It started with the idea that it should be used in facilities for the disabled that are connected to in touch.  

Satsuki Co., Ltd.'s mission is to "create a valuable business that contributes to society," and all people involved in Satsuki are proud to contribute to social issues. To make a contribution. And to greatly expand that social contribution. We believe that this is a valuable business that will lead to a future full of smiles, and based on the foundation of our founding in 1931, we will continue to take on new challenges as a company that is needed by society, and contribute to the sustainable development of society. It is working.  



For more information, please read the press release here.

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